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Message From Our Principal


COVID-19 Message for Parents

You can also access up-to-date information on the reopening of Catholic schools at



Dear MDS School Families,

First, because of a scheduling conflict, the meetings that were scheduled for July 29th in the gym have been rescheduled before the following “Meet and Greets”.  Please report to the gym promptly at 4:00 on the day(s) indicated below.  After the meeting in the gym, you will move to the classrooms where you will meet your child’s teacher(s) and drop off school supplies which are posted under “Admissions” on our school’s website.

Meet and Greets

Grades PK, K, 1, and 2 on Monday, August 3rd
Grades 3 and 6 on Tuesday, August 4th
Grades 4 and 7 on Wednesday, August 5th
Grades 5 and 8 on Thursday, August 6th

Please limit attendance to two adults per registered child, wear masks, and practice safe social distancing. 

Second, The Old School in Hammond should have all blouses, oxfords, polos and pants in before August.  To date, all plaid should be delivered the second or third week of August. 

Next, the 2020-2021 Parent Student Handbook is posted under “Admissions” on our school’s website.

Fourth, please read the letters that follow regarding our Safe Return Plan and technology information.

Finally, registration is now open.  Please contact Mrs. Gabi Webb, our secretary, at 985-878-4295 or

“I am the Lord, the God of all people. Nothing is too difficult for me.” (Jeremiah 32:27)

Mr. Zachary Fields


July 20, 2020

Dear MDS School Families,

We are excited to return to a full-time school schedule in August and look forward to seeing our students on campus!   In the event of a mandatory stay-at-home order, however, teachers are prepared to implement home learning plans based on professional development opportunities that they participated in during the summer. 

Our Mater Dolorosa Safe Return Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year aims to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our students, faculty, and staff, while enacting appropriate precautions which were developed following the most recent guidance from the CDC, Louisiana Department of Education, Our Lady of the Lake medical professionals, Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Schools Office, faculty, and staff.  This is our tentative plan which will be updated and adapted as things continue to evolve. We will keep you informed as further plans develop.

Face Masks

Please acclimate your child with proper mask usage prior to the first day of school.

During arrival and dismissal, all students Prek-3 to 8th grade must wear face coverings.

During class time, adults and students (3rd grade and up) will wear face coverings, as able, to the maximum extent possible. Any child over age two may wear a face covering.

Students will be required to have a face covering in their possession at all times.

Individuals with severe breathing difficulties should not wear face coverings. Parents must provide a doctor's note if the child is unable to wear a face covering.

Please obtain a washable/reusable mask face covering for your child. You may get any solid color or type of washable/reusable mask face covering.

Solid-color neck gators are allowed.  They may be purchased on Amazon. 

Masks and/or neck gators must not contain any offensive messages, fabrics, or be distracting to the learning environment.

Bandanas are not allowed.


At this time, we have not been informed of the status of bus service; therefore, please make plans to bring students to school between 7:10 and 7:38.  To facilitate the carlines, we request that parents/guardians begin each day by taking their child(ren)’s temperature prior to leaving the home. Gates will close promptly at 7:38 to insure that all students will be ready to launch the school day with announcements at 7:40 AM. All students who are not at school by 7:40 will be considered tardy.

Morning Drop Off Line:

MDCS-issued name placards must be clearly visible from the car’s rear-view mirror. Students will be dropped off at the breezeway entrance near the lunchroom (similar to “Rainy Day or Mass Schedule”)

NOTE: Teachers will take the child’s temperature upon arrival. If the child has a temperature which exceeds 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, the child will not be allowed to come to school. If a child comes to school by bus with a fever, the child will be promptly brought to the school office and the parents will be contacted to return the child home as soon as possible. The child must depart campus by 8:45 AM. Children sent home due to fever will not be allowed to return to school until they have a signed doctor’s note.

For safety, parents are not allowed inside the school building or gym without prior approval. Approved adults will also need to have their temperature checked and wash/sanitize their hands upon entering the school. Adults who have a fever of greater than 100.4 degrees will be asked to leave the school.

Teachers will be on duty. Parents will watch for the teachers’ signals for traffic flow. Parents will not be allowed to get out of the vehicle. The teacher will open the door to let the student out of the vehicle. Vehicles that do not have a passenger side door that opens from the outside will be asked to pull over and park, for the interest of safety for all involved. The children will be directed by a teacher when it is safe for them to exit, and they will have their temperature checked.


Breakfast will be served from 7:10 to 7:25.  Students will eat their breakfast at the tables outside or under the breezeway by the lunchroom. Social distancing will be maintained and there will be a teacher on duty. No breakfasts will be given out after 7:25.

At 7:35, the teacher will escort the students who ate breakfast into the main building and allow them to go to their respective classrooms. No food will be allowed in the main building.

Late Arrivals

Park in the Visitor Parking Lot and do not let anyone exit the vehicle until directed by a teacher or staff member after calling the school at (985) 878-4295.  Your child will still be marked as tardy, and if fever is discovered, the child will not be allowed to come to school.

Early Check Out

If a student needs to be checked out for any reason throughout the school day, the parent/guardian will park in the Visitor Parking Lot, remain in the car, call the front office at (985) 878-4295, and the student will be walked out to the car by a faculty or staff member.


Students will eat and have recess with classmates from their grade levels.  All students, including PK-2nd graders, should be able to independently open any container/package/etc. that is brought to school.  Enough water should be brought to school to last the entire day.  Water may be poured into clear water bottles.

Afternoon Dismissal

Parents will pick up students at the same location they were dropped off.   Students will be escorted outside by homeroom teachers and seated in the recess yard. Social distancing will be maintained.  In the event of inclement weather, students will remain in their respective classrooms with the teacher until notified that their ride has arrived. Once the child has been notified, they will be allowed to leave the class and proceed directly to their vehicle.


Aftercare students will be escorted to the gym. Aftercare staff will direct students to an assigned seat, maintaining social distancing.  The child will also be encouraged to work on assigned homework. In the interest of safety, the school cannot provide community toys and games for the children in Aftercare. NOTE:  Therefore, you are welcome to provide a toy for your child to play with, and it will be kept at the child’s assigned seat in the gym. However, the toy must be sanitized before it is brought to school.  Pickup of students in Aftercare will occur at the covered entrance to the gym. A teacher will stand by at the pickup point to notify staff that a parent has arrived for pick-up. An Aftercare staffer will escort your child to your vehicle and open the door for the child to enter. The staffer will also ask you to sign out your child. Parents will not be able to leave the vehicle.  Aftercare staff will sanitize all desks upon completion of Aftercare.

Sports and Clubs

Due to COVID restrictions, several club and team events will be postponed until COVID restrictions are lifted.  We will inform you of any after-school clubs and teams that will be in operation. 

We appreciate your partnership with us as we work together during these unprecedented times to do what is best for our students.  As stated earlier, this is a tentative plan which will be updated and adapted as things continue to evolve. We will keep you informed as further plans develop.

“Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.”  (Jeremiah 33:6)


Mr. Zachary Fields



July 20, 2020

 Dear Parents,

It is recommended that all PK-8​th​ grade students have access to the Internet and a computer that meets the recommendations below for the 2020-21 school year.

The computer must be able to run the latest version of Google Chrome and receive regular security updates via the Internet. Computers that run Windows 10 (with active Antivirus software) are suitable. 

Apple iMac or MacBook users may use Safari in lieu of Google Chrome. 

For iPad or Android Tablet users, you must be able to download the app for Google Classroom. Tablets should typically have been purchased within the last 5 years. 

The computer must have a working camera, microphone, and speakers/headphones. 

It is not recommended for a student to perform his or her work from a smartphone or E-reader, such as an Amazon Kindle. (Amazon products do not run Google well.)


For families looking to purchase a new computer, the HP 14" Chromebook Model 14-DB0023DX starts at $199, and is available at many stores.  The price of Chromebooks varies, and there is little difference in reliability and performance. 


You can also purchase insurance for the device from SquareTrade (​m)​ for as low as $70, and their policy even covers damages from drops and spills. Typical turnaround for a repair is 4-5 business days.  In the event the Chromebook is damaged, the minimum service charge for repair is $150 for labor, plus replacement parts. A replacement power supply is $40. 


Please contact me at​ if you have any additional questions. ​                              



Mr. David Haydel

Technology Coordinator


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