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School Uniforms

School Uniforms

Mater Dolorosa Catholic School's dress code provides a level of formality suitable for serious academic performance.  The rationale behind this dress code includes encouraging dressing for success, providing uniformity, promoting discipline and fostering a better learning environment.

Students are expected to wear the complete school-approved uniform with pride and dignity every day of the school year.  All uniforms must be properly fitted, clean and in good repair.  All students are expected to be in complete compliance with the dress code from the time they enter the building in the morning until they exit the building at the end of the day.


Uniform Purchases

The official school uniform can be purchased from The Old School in Hammond.


The Old School 

1809 W Thomas St

Hammond, Louisiana

P: (985) 419-1900

Open 9am - 6 pm 

Monday - Saturday



Dress Code Policy

The dress code policy is maintained in the Family Handbook.  A copy may be accessed by clicking here.