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Mater Dolorosa Catholic School is a PreK-3 through 8th-grade parochial school located in the center of Tangipahoa Parish. We are nestled in the quiet town of Independence, Louisiana and have provided a quality Catholic education for over 100 years. The school's mission is to form students in Jesus Christ, instill strong leadership qualities, and promote academic growth and excellence. 

The school is proud of its qualified, dedicated, and caring pastor, principal, faculty, and staff who provide students with a solid academic foundation and Christian values needed to succeed in life. The school's success comes from its commitment to provide an outstanding academic program that encompasses an excellent religion program that teaches church history, doctrine, Christian values, and service to God and others. 

Our students have the opportunity to participate in many extra-curricular activities, including choir, alter serving, BETA Club, Drama Club, Multi-Media Club, 4-H Club, Boys and Girls Basketball, Chess Club, Rosary Club, and Art Club. Physical education classes and sport activities are held in our gymnasium. Students also attend weekly Mass and participate in numerous apostolic service projects throughout the year to help them look beyond themselves and learn to serve others as God would have us do. 

Mater Dolorosa is blessed to have an active and supportive Advisory Board, Home and School Association, and Dad's Club, whose members provide valuable services and resources to the school as volunteers, parent leaders, and organizers of a variety of fundraisers. The administration and faculty strive to keep open lines of communication between home and school through parents and teachers working together as one team in helping each student reach his/her full potential. 

The school has become a symbol of pride as it prepares its graduates for future success. This is evident from the academic achievements of its graduates and the service our alumni give to the community in their adult lives. 

Many say there is a special feeling when you enter the school's front doors. It spreads out into the community --- carried in the hearts of our students and their families. This special feeling comes from our commitment to a mission ---- a mission of providing a nurturing and Christian environment where the love of God and others is stressed. 

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