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Mater Dolorosa Catholic School          

Parent-Student Aftercare Handbook

509 Pine Street Independence, La. 70443

Phone: 985-878-4295  Fax: 985-878-4888         

The Mater Dolorosa Catholic School’s Aftercare program provides a safe, and engaging environment for students. This handbook is designed to give parents and guardians a helpful insight into the Aftercare Program offered by Mater Dolorosa Catholic School. It includes detailed policies and procedures. Please read this handbook carefully and keep it in a safe place for easy reference during the school year.  


The Aftercare Program is located in Mater Dolorosa Catholic School’s cafeteria from 2:40-5:30.

To report a change of pickup information, or a pickup delay, please call Mrs. Rachel or Mrs. Rose at (985) 878-9556.

Admission Procedures

Families must enroll in the After Care Program through FACTS at

The link is also available by going to and clicking “Apply Now”

A one-time registration fee of $30.00 is due on or before the first day your child attends our Aftercare Program.

Schedule of Operation

On regular school days, the After School Program operates from 2:40 p.m. dismissal until 5:30 p.m. Please refer to the Mater Dolorosa Catholic School’s calendar for the list of holidays since there will be no Aftercare on those days.  Also, depending on early dismissal from school due to weather conditions, Aftercare will be canceled.


Students who are not registered and picked up by the end of Afternoon Carpool Line will be sent to the Cafeteria for Aftercare at 3:00.  Parents will be asked, as stated above, to enroll in the Aftercare Program through FACTS and pay a one-time registration fee of  $30.00 at

The link is also available by going to and clicking “Apply Now”.

The following applies to all students.

Signing out between 2:40-3:59 = $3.00

Signing out between 4:00-4:59 = $6.00

Signing out between 5:00-5:30 = $7.50

Late Pick-up Policy

The parent agrees to pick up his/her child/children no later than 5:30pm. The parent agrees to pay a $1.00 per minute late fee if he/she picks up his/her child/children after 5:30 p.m.  For example, if the parent picks up his/her child at 5:45, then an additional $15 will be charged that day. 

Pick-up Procedures

Students can be picked up after carpool ends at 3:00 p.m.

The Aftercare Program utilizes a checkout system that each child is dismissed to the proper person at the end of each day. Children will not be allowed to leave the Aftercare Program unattended. Parents or Guardians must walk into the cafeteria building and sign out their child with the Aftercare director or staff member. All persons picking up a child from Aftercare must present identification. Anyone other than the child’s parents must be an authorized adult listed on the child’s information sheet. The children may not go into the hallways or classrooms. If a child leaves items or homework in their classroom, they will have to receive them the following day. 

Children will not be released to anyone other than a parent, guardian, or person listed on the child’s permission form. If a staff member is unfamiliar with any person picking up a child, the staff member will ask to see a picture identification before the child is released.  A copy of the person’s driver license must be given to the school prior to pick up.

Upon arrival, parents and guardians must sign out their child immediately.

Parents/Guardians picking up a child should enter the Aftercare Program in the cafeteria.

Homework Policy

The Aftercare Program stresses the importance of homework and sets time aside every day for the children in 1st through 8th grades to complete their assignments. Staff members are available to supervise the homework area and to assist the children with their work; however, a child who needs individual help with his or her homework must ask. Because of the number of children who require assistance during homework time, the staff members are unable to check each child’s homework for accuracy.

Emergency Dismissal Procedures

In the event of inclement weather, parents and/or guardians will be notified of school closure through our Parent Call Notification System. In case of emergency dismissal, parents or authorized persons are requested to come to the school to pick up their children. If buses are running, students that normally ride the bus home will be released to their assigned bus. Students will be held in designated areas until a parent or authorized person arrives.  

Lost and Found 

The school is not responsible for lost property. Personal items likely to be lost, such as book sacks, gloves, jackets, lunch boxes, sweatshirts, pencil boxes etc., should be clearly marked with the student’s full name.  This will ensure that your child gets a lost item returned to him/her in a timely manner.

Possessions from Home  

Since we cannot guarantee the safe return of personal belongings, the Aftercare Program asks that any personal possessions be left in backpacks during a child’s time in the Aftercare Program. 

Health Policy

If a child becomes ill while attending the Aftercare program, a parent or emergency contact person will be notified. A child who is not feeling well should be picked up in a timely manner. 

Children who attend the Aftercare Program should be well enough to follow the normal routine of the program. Children who have a contagious condition, eye aliment, head lice, rash, fever, vomiting, or diarrhea may not attend the Aftercare Program and must be fully recovered before returning to the Aftercare Program. 

Please report any changes of emergency contact information, employment information, telephone numbers, or addresses to the Program Director as soon as they become available. Although this information will be kept confidential, it will be shared with appropriate staff members to facilitate communication with parents or guardians in emergency situations. 

Behavior Policy  

The children and staff of the Aftercare Program are asked to treat each other with respect, tolerance, kindness, and consideration. The rules and behavior expectations utilized by the Aftercare Program will be explained to the children clearly and reinforced consistently.  Children will be given reminders and redirection in order to encourage positive behavior. A child who is unkind verbally will be asked to apologize. A child who uses supplies or equipment inappropriately will be restricted from using the supplies or equipment for a short period of time. Any activities where participants purposely exclude another child will not be allowed.  When a child is disruptive or needs time to regain self-control, he or she will be removed from the group.  After a time-out, the teacher and child will discuss behavior options before the child returns to the group.  Under no circumstances will a child be subjected to neglect, physical punishment, or verbal abuse. Parents will be notified if a child exhibits unusual emotional or physical behavior that threatens the well-being of the child or others in the Aftercare Program. The principal will be contacted of any unacceptable behavior. Staff members give multiple warnings, meet with the student, and try to contact a parent/guardian when the student is unruly.  However, please be aware that your child may earn an infraction for inappropriate behavior.   

Emergency Information

If there is an emergency at Aftercare or if your child is ill or injured, we must be able to contact you or your designee. Parents are responsible to keep this information current at all times. In the event that phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, places of employment, or family information changes, please make the necessary changes in RenWeb or notify the office if you need assistance.