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Class Murals

In 2018, a local artist donated a wondrous gift of time and talents to our school to create a unique mural for each classroom, and provide all students with the inspiration to know that God is truly with us every moment of the day. The students have adopted these sainted murals as their patron saints and pray to them each day. 

The Classroom Murals

The artwork in the classrooms and computer lab was painted by R.C. Davis, a local artist.  Each classroom in the main building greets you upon entry with a larger-than-life painted rendering of a patron saint. These murals stand from the floor to the ceiling on one entire wall of a classroom, and our rooms have ceilings that are twelve feet tall. 

You can read more about these in the article from Catholic News Service here

For an idea of the size, here's a picture of the mural in the 6th Grade classroom - 


This mural is from floor to ceiling.