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Media Club

It is a challenging task to keep up with the numerous and various activities here at school, and that's where the Media Club steps in to get the pictures and information about activities, performances, religious observations, student life, and sporting events which comprise a student's time here at Mater Dolorosa School, and creates lasting memories. 

The Media Club is looking for excellent writers, and students who have an interest in photography, web design, and journalism. 

Students will learn the basic aspects of journalism and photography, and receive instruction on lighting, composition, and perspective, as well as instruction on becoming a better writer of different types of articles and publications. 

Students will also learn about using basic photo-editing software, and will use Microsoft Word and Publisher in order to compose articles and newsletters. 

The Media Club meets weekly after school.

Students in Grades 4th-8th may apply to join the Media Club.

Acceptance in the club is based on the quality of work submitted in writing or photography, an interview, and a willingness to attend various school-related events after school hours. The club is moderated by Mr. David Haydel.