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Student Organizations 

Mater Dolorosa offers a variety of organizations in order to support the "Whole Child" concept, and provide opportunities for students to make new friends and learn a wide variety of new things. 

These organizations include - (Page Links are on the left side)

National Beta Club: This club participates in several events throughout the school year, and competes in academic competitions at elementary and junior high levels. Middle School Students with a 3.0 GPA or higher are invited to join. 

Chess Club: Learn the classic game, and compete against fellow students. No prior knowledge of the game is needed in order to join the club. 

Drama Club: Our theater group produces and performs a new play each year, and requires a great deal of student dedication and involvement. 

Media Club: This club is open to Middle School Students with excellent writing skills, or an interest in photography. Students will provide assistance in reporting on school academic and sporting events, and publishing articles and pictures on the school website and newsletter.  

Rosary Club: Students learn about the Holy Rosary and the prayers, and also lead the student body during the weekly recitation of the Holy Rosary. 

4-H Club: This club is making its return to MDS in 2020. If your child likes cooking, gardening, animals, or working with tools, then 4-H could be a great opportunity! Learn about 4-H here.