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Student Organizations 

Mater Dolorosa offers a variety of organizations in order to support the "Whole Child" concept and provide opportunities for students to make new friends and learn a wide variety of new things. 

These organizations include - (Page Links are on the left side)

National Beta Club: This club participates in several events throughout the school year and competes in academic competitions at elementary and junior high levels. Middle School Students with a 3.0 GPA or higher are invited to join. 

Chess Club: Learn the classic game, and compete against fellow students. No prior knowledge of the game is needed in order to join the club. 

Drama Club: Our theater group produces and performs a new play each year and requires a great deal of student dedication and involvement. 

Rosary Club: Students learn the meaning of the Rosary and develop a close relationship with Mother Mary through prayer.

4-H Club:  If your child likes cooking, gardening, animals, or working with tools, then 4-H could be a great opportunity! Learn about 4-H here.